Setting up for Success

How Myagi supported Bayer Crop Science to launch an innovative education program in Thailand.

When Bayer Crop Science first approached the challenge of going digital to both improve and scale the training their Thai Sales team received, naturally there were a lot of questions.

What is the best way to train staff that sell a range of different products across a wide geographical area?

What topics do Sales staff need training on most and how do we continually identify these ahead of time?

How do we approach content creation and ensure we're providing staff with material that's both engaging and enjoyable without it being a drain on time and resource?

Content Made Easy

With any knowledge transfer, the path to ensuring success lies first in robust planning. That is why Myagi dedicate a lot of time to the onboarding process and specialise in working collaboratively to identify the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience. The process begins by understanding your unique business goals and specifically how they relate to training, before working on elements including content strategy and scripting right through to content production.

We now have a great content release calendar to take us through to the end of the year, with a real focus on quality not quantity.

We sat down with Bayer Crop Science's Myagi champion Ammar Sachak, Internal Communications Lead - APAC Marketing & Product Management, to discuss how Myagi supported a successful roll out of a new education program to their Thai Sales team.

The first obstacle facing Bayer Crop Science as they approached this new initiative in Thailand was working out where to begin with content. Resisting the temptation to jump straight in and instead prioritising crafting a strategy with some measurable goals enabled the team to fast-track this process, which has no doubt contributed to some outstanding results.

Whilst the team did not have any existing video material at their disposal, they did have two new corn hybrids launching in the territory that they wanted to focus on initially, which was identified as the natural first step.

Settling on DEKALB 9919C and 9950C varieties enabled the Myagi team to conduct a storyboarding exercise to help shape the first videos. Starting by establishing the desired learning outcomes from each piece, writing the questions you want your audience to be able to answer and working back to design the script allows you to produce concise lessons that get all of your key messages across.

Myagi's Customer Success team worked closely with Ammar and James Neilsen (Recommend Lead) to fine tune the scripts for their initial content and ensure they were aligned to the desired learning outcomes.

We were able to utilise key personnel from the Thai leadership team to give the project credibility from the offset which has been a significant contributor towards the outcomes we are now experiencing.

Ammar was able to leverage the knowledge they had on the ground in Thailand, and then worked with the Market Development team to design an educational program centred around supporting their Sales reps with their activities in market.

Having invested the time in thorough planning and preparation, the Bayer Crop Science team and Ammar in particular were well prepared to execute on filming the content they needed to bring this project to life.

A week later I was in Thailand and actually carried out the filming myself. I felt really comfortable using all the equipment Myagi provided and focused on keeping things simple, which led to really good results. I'm not sure we would have achieved the results we did without that extra support from Myagi.

In making the most of the industry knowledge that they have, Bayer Crop Science have been able to create engaging content that utilises a variety of expertise whilst sharing the workload. This has created a degree of ownership from the whole team whilst there have also been no adverse effects on team member capacity.

We have had 12 different speakers already and the variety we have been able to offer keeps things fresh and interesting. It also means that we are not overloading one person or one team with having to produce or present all of the content themselves.
The thing I was by far most anxious about was the editing process.

Having returned from Thailand with a range of video footage, the team needed to pull this together in a format that their reps could consume. Ammar explained that he had used videographers and editors in previous roles, although the cost and time involved to engage specialists again would make this prohibitive. Myagi's Customer Success team worked closely with Ammar to ease his concerns that editing content is a difficult and time consuming process.

Because the audience are the people that are selling your products, your content doesn't need to be as polished as a piece of consumer focused marketing material and has more impact when using internal staff and industry influencers.

This type of content often resonates more with the user. It is clear it has been produced specifically for them and covers the information they are craving to support them in their roles. Editing the footage in house also allows your business to react to feedback far more quickly.

I vividly recall a session focused entirely on content creation. I was especially impressed when one of Myagi's onboarding team was able to script, capture and then edit a video on their iPhone in just a few minutes. They then went on to break down each stage of this process in a way that was easy for us to replicate.

Global Reach, Local Impact

In APAC Bayer Crop Science are aware that every country is different in a variety of ways, so what works in one country may not necessarily work in another.

Bayer Crop Science kept this in mind when considering the best approach to the Thai market. Ensuring everything was tailored to this market was critical to the campaigns success. Having their content accurately translated into Thai was a huge priority and Myagi liaised closely with Busaba Cheawkamolpat (Brand Manager) to support this.

Myagi also did a lot of work in the background translating the platform into Thai. The majority of our Sales team in Thailand do not speak English, so it was critical to release the platform to them in their local language.

Mobile First

I can tell you with a high degree of confidence that our entire Sales team are completely dependent on their mobile phones.

Myagi is designed with a mobile-first user experience in mind and Ammar explained why this approach has special benefits for their Sales team. Since they are often working remotely, reps need a training solution that is easy to access any time from anywhere.

Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage in 2016 and Bayer Crop Science's engagement levels indicates this method of interacting with product training and the transfer of knowledge really resonates with the Sales team.

Having Myagi in their pocket has been really beneficial to the Sales team, allowing them to learn at any time. The data shows they are revisiting all of the content multiple times, which is something that has been really exciting.

Closing the Feedback Loop

Ammar also noted how useful Bayer Crop Science found the feedback they were able to generate from the Sales team on the content they produced.

We were able to get really robust qualitative and quantitative feedback from the team about the platform, the content, the presenters, and helps us understand what they want to see more of. This has been really helpful in generating new content ideas.

Not only does this data help Bayer Crop Science to generate new content ideas, it also enables them to identify team members who would benefit from additional support.

We are also providing additional training materials, guidance and support to those individuals who demonstrate they have not quite grasped the key learning objectives. In turn we are also building a culture where our team feel comfortable to ask for more support.

What Bayer Crop Science staff had to say...

The series of mini learning modules presented by our employees from various functions and our customers brings great insight of our products, our industry and our competitive advantage. This interactive tool provides learning choices at the users fingertips anytime, anywhere. Lada Boonjongkiat - Thailand HR Lead
Myagi is a helpful training tool to support product and technical learning for our Sales staff. We can ensure that our Sales people are able to access the product information and snapshot of key selling messages via the visible learning format of this training tool. They can confidently introduce products and gain trust with our customers. The short video format allows both producers and presenters to effectively prepare the learning sequence and we are able to insert the technical proof points to ensure that we are providing the most necessary, up to date content about our products and agronomic solutions in a format that is easy to understand.
Boonsong Srisawang - Thailand Market Development Lead
Myagi is a great channel for the team to learn information about the features and benefits of our new hybrids and activity in the field. It is easily accessible, especially for new staff. Myagi is building more confidence in the Sales team and helping them to deliver consistent messages when they are communicating with farmers and channel partners. Sakarin Pumpradab - Thailand Regional Sales Manager

The Results

With the support of Myagi, Bayer Crop Science have been able to streamline the way they transfer knowledge to their Sales team in Thailand without creating a workload that has a negative impact on the business.

We have done a good job of keeping the team engaged - creating one video every fortnight during the season is more than manageable for us whilst it keeps our Sales team focused on the most important activities.

Moving to a more agile and interactive method of knowledge transfer has enabled Bayer to significantly up-skill their Thai Sales team and improve the interactions they are having with their customers in the region.

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